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As Ambulance AC, we do not recognize holidays. We are available every day of the week to serve you. We do not go on holiday as we understand that emergencies can occur at any hour. Emergencies do not recognize national holidays such as Eid, do they? We do not either. We are available on national holidays, election days, lockdowns, national emergencies, natural disasters, and pandemics name it. Our goal is to save a precious life. All our emergency contacts are open every day in the year so you can reach us. Our customer service is also ready to assist at any time.

The time is right

Qualifies and trained drivers
Traffic can be overwhelming in Dhaka, given that it is an urbanized and busy city. The number of cars on the roads, especially during the rush hours, can make it difficult to say what time our ambulance will arrive at the scene of the accident, home, or hospital facility. What we can guarantee, however, is that in 30 minutes, we will get to you no matter where you are in Dhaka. Our able and trained drivers make it possible for us to get to you. Our drivers are experienced; therefore, they know all the routes to use at the best times. They are also qualified, ensuring they can get to you in good time and safely. All our staff at Ambulance AC has the patient’s life at heart.

Send service to all available locality
Dhaka is not a small city, and given the level of congestion in the town, it can be challenging for some ambulances to get to some parts of Dhaka. Not Ambulance AC. We are available for every citizen of Dhaka, irrespective of the location. Our ambulances are capable of getting to anywhere you are in Dhaka. We service every locality in Dhaka from Gulshan, Uttara, Soner Akra, Jatrabari, Narayanganj, Lalbagh, Savar, Muhammadpur, Dhanmondi, you name.
Our key areas include Sadarghat terminal, airport, Benapole Border, Kamalapur Railway Station, and other borders. What you need to do is to call us, write us an email or fill our contact form and we will get to you!

Timely assistance
At Ambulance AC, we understand that timely response is what will save a life. We care about your loved ones as much as you do. We take pride in timely and quality service. Our ambulances are equipped with the best parts to ensure they are always in the best condition for work. Also, we recruit and train qualified drivers for quality service.
What’s more, we have a line of ambulances at standby always to deliver service as fast as we can. All our ambulances take 30 mins at most to reach you no matter how heavy traffic is on the road. Our pride is in timely service for the whole of Dhaka.

Affordable service
We delight in offering services at fair and reasonable prices. Our goal is not to make profits but to make sure we deliver on tie and quality services. All the prices are friendly to people of all social classes. The money collected from offering services is to enable us to service our vehicles, pay workers, and stay afloat. You only need a few takas to rent our services. Our prices vary depending on the ambulance you hire. The prices for Ambulance with AC without AC, ICU ambulance, and a mortuary ambulance are not the same.


We offer primary treatment
Traffic in Dhaka can be a real menace. Ambulance Ac offers primary treatment while in the ambulance to make sure your patient gets to the hospital alive.

The primary treatment we offer
Heart attacks

Studies have shown that heart attacks are one of the most life-threatening conditions in Dhaka. If you think your loved one is suffering a heart attack, you need to sit them down, calm them and call for Ambulance AC ambulances. We respond in no time at all. How do you know someone is suffering a heart attack?

The common signs include sharp pain in the left side of the heart, which usually feels like pressure or tightness and, at times, pain other parts of the body such as the back and lower abdomen. The first thing to do is to reassure them if they are conscious that they will be okay. If they become unconscious, check for their CPR and start a CPR if necessary. Be keen to inform the ambulance on its way to you the patient has had a cardiac arrest. Our ambulance is sent with medics to offer primary treatment for cardiac arrest before you can get them to a hospital.

It is only natural for an injured person to experience shock. Shock can, however, be unforgiving as the patient’s mind creates a mental block. The circulatory system will then collapse, denying vital organs oxygenated blood. Common signs of shock include heavy breathing, rapid and shallow breathing, weakness and dizziness, nausea, and clammy skin. The first thing to do is to call for an Ambulance AC service.

As you await their arrival, it is crucial to offer first aid. You should cover them using a light blanket, reassure them, try to treat any mild injuries, and relax them as much as possible.

Burns and scalds
Small burns mostly do not need any urgent care. However, if someone has experienced any high degree of burns, they might not get to the hospital, alive without treatment. Our medical staff and brothers are trained to deliver the utmost care for burns, no matter the degree of the burns to our patents before they get to the hospital. Burns should immediately be cooled with cool, running water after calling for Ambulance AC services. Be keen while cooling a large burn, especially in babies or the elderly, as it may cause hyperthermia. You should also ensure to remove any clothing or jewelry attached to the burn. Ensure to remove it very carefully to avoid further injury. No creams or oils should be applied to open wounds. Inform the ambulance medics any first-aid performed upon arrival.

All our brothers who travel in our ambulances are trained in the basic treatment. Every brother or nurse is taken through intense training before being allowed to serve in our array of ambulances to ensure they are capable of saving a life. They are capable of performing al the primary treatment offered by Ambulance AC. They are also taught how to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. The procedure is done on any patient who is unconscious upon arrival by the ambulance. You can trust us with the life of your loved ones.

Fear list

Gulshan 1700 taka 1500 taka 8000 taka 7000 taka
Dhanmondi 1700 taka 1500 taka 8000 taka 7000 taka
Banani / Baridhara 1700 taka 1500 taka 8000 taka 7000 taka
Muhammadpur 1700 taka 1500 taka 8000 taka 7000 taka
Uttara 2500 taka 2000 taka 10000 taka 9000 taka
Soner akra 2500 taka 2000 taka 12000 taka 11000 taka
Jatrabari 2500 taka 2000 taka 12000 taka 11000 taka
Narayanganj 3500 taka 3000 taka 14000 taka 12000 taka
Sutrapur 2000 taka 1500 taka 8000 taka 7000 taka
Lalbagh 1700 taka 1500 taka 8000 taka 7000 taka
Savar 2500 taka 2000 taka 10000 taka 9000 taka
Chattagram 1200 taka 1100 taka 45000 taka 4000 taka
Sylhet 1200 taka 1100 taka 45000 taka 4000 taka
Rangpur 1200 taka 1100 taka 50000 taka 4000 taka
Rajshahi 1200 taka 1100 taka 50000 taka 4000 taka
Khulna 1200 taka 1100 taka 50000 taka 4000 taka
Eyeball 8000 taka 7000 taka 40000 taka 30000 taka
Habiganj 8000 taka 7000 taka 35000 taka 30000 taka
Barisal 12000 taka 11000 taka 35000 taka 30000 taka
Narsingdi 4000 taka 3500 taka 25000 taka 20000 taka
Mymensingh 5000 taka 4000 taka 35000 taka 30000 taka


Phone: 01911558782

Email: ambulanceac68@gmail.com

Website: www.ambulanceac.com

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