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There is currently no vaccine to prevent the corona virus nor any special treatment to the infection. Scientists are however doing their best to find the treatment to the disease. Some key measures have also been recommended to prevent the spread of the virus. The corona virus infection spreads at a faster rate and it is very important that you take the prevention measures seriously. We understand that there may be little information regarding the corona virus infection and therefore this guide provides a detailed guide to get more facts concerning the disease including how to prevent and avoid contracting the disease and also how to take care of the corona patients.

Preventing corona

Corona virus is a respiratory infection that is spread from the infected persons through fluid droplets to un infected person’s membranes including the mouth nose or ears. Once you are exposed to the infection, you may take about 2 to 14 days to develop the symptoms. Some of the major symptoms includes; difficult breathing, having a dry cough and a low grade fever. Though you may not show any signs during the incubation period you are able to spread the infection to other people and therefore it is important to take the prevention measures to protect yourself from the infection and also protect other people if you are already infected.

Some of the prevention measures includes;

1.Cleaning your hands more often
You need to wash your hands more often with soap and running water for more than 20 seconds especially after sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose. You should also clean your hands after interacting with other people in a public place.

You can also use hand sanitizers which are alcohol based to more than 70% if water and soap are not available at the moment. While using the hand sanitizer you need to rub your hands together until they are dry.

You are also advised to completely refrain from touching your eyes, nose and mouth if you have not washed or sanitized your hands.

2. Avoid close contact with other people
You need to keep about a 6ft distance between yourself and other people if you are living in a geographical area where COVID-19 is reported to be spreading.

You should also avoid any contact with people who are already exposed to the infection.

3.Self-isolation if you are sick
Do not get into contact with other people if you are sick. Stay home and enquire for medical care.

4. cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing
Use a tissue paper to cover your mouth or nose while coughing or sneezing.

5.Wear a face mask
You need to wear a face mask to protect those that are around you. This includes people that you are sharing a room with or even a vehicle.

Care of the corona patients
Once the patient has developed the COVID-19 symptoms they should be isolated to avoid infecting other people and there after tested to confirm if they are actually exposed to the infection. Although there is currently no treatment approved for the COVID-19 disease, some diagnosis may be run to help the patient get to a stable condition. The diagnosis are run based on the patient symptoms. The doctor can run some symptomatic management diagnosis depending on the severity of the infection. Some of the symptomatic management practices may include pain management, respiratory supportive management, and circulatory supportive management.

The respiratory supportive management entails giving the patient maximum supply of oxygen by increasing ventilators or use of nasal prong among other treatment measures.

The circulatory management practices on the other hand focuses on ensuring optimal oxygen levels. The patient is monitored to maintain a 95% of the oxygen levels.

The pain management diagnosis measures are meant to reduce any pains experienced by the patient.

Steroids are also used to reduce lung swelling among the corona patients.

Other various antiviral drugs are also under trial to help control the infection.

Once you notice the COVID-19 symptoms you need to call for medical help and isolate yourself to protect other people around you. The doctors will run you through some diagnosis similar to other viral infection to help you get into a stable condition. If you are not infected you need to maintain high hygiene levels to avoid being exposed to the infection. If you are already infected then it is very important to isolate yourself from other people to protect them from the spread.

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