AC Ambulance

An AC ambulance is just an ordinary ambulance which delivers exceptional high-end service. An AC ambulance is equipped with an AC, which ensures the patient and their loved ones accompanying them to the hospital are cooled. The air conditioning makes the conditions in the ambulance more relaxing especially for patients who have suffered shock or burns and scalds.

The Ambulance AC service is popular among the higher class who prefer to travel to the medical Centre in a cool ambulance. An AC ambulance travels with at least two medics or brothers always. In case of a serious medical condition, qualified medical doctors must accompany the ambulance.

An AC ambulance also features a comfy bed for the patient and fluffy, comfortable pillows. There is also room for two close family members or friends to accompany the patient. There is also a stretcher to help the patient get out of the ambulance to the hospital. The brothers and nurses are at standby, ready to assist before treatment at a hospital.