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Emergencies can be especially difficult to deal with when faced with transport-related difficulties. Living in a noisy, congested city isn’t improving the situation either. The streets are always packed in a busy city, there are people everywhere, and there are unavoidable pedestrian commotions which make emergency transportation even more challenging. During medical emergencies, the reaction of most people will be to call in 911 and wait for emergency medical services from the state or the community. As with private ambulance services, however, people are given another choice, which is to take advantage of the convenience of providing a private ambulance during emergencies. But is that a wiser option? What makes private ambulances more convenient than local healthcare services in the city? Was the extra penny worth it?

In any ICU, ambulance, Vital, Timely, and Protection are three buzzwords. Accidents are life-threatening conditions can occur anywhere, anywhere. So in these cases, aside from first responders who might be a passer-by or your family, it all depends on the ICU ambulance to transport you in time and with great care to the medical center.

Understanding ICU
Intensive care unit is the term used for facilities that deal with life-threatening conditions in patients. They typically require the use of more specialized equipment and highly trained physicians and nurses, as opposed to the basic treatment units. These can be coronary care unit, neonatal ICU, pediatric ICU, neuro ICU, trauma ICU, etc. depending on the individuals being catered for. The ICU given in ambulances is generally referred to as Intensive Mobile Care Units or MICU

ICU ambulance
These are specialized mobile units that are fitted with paramedics to administer sophisticated treatments on-site. They are generally reserved for patients suffering from –
• Sepsis
• Respiratory failures
• GI bleeding
• Combination of multisystem dysfunction
• Unstable overdoses
• Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)
• Septic diabetic renal failure

Throughout the years, governments have established several standards for minimum equipment that is requirement for an ICU ambulance both at the center and in the states. Those criteria can be divided into few categories for simplification:

Basic care facilities
• Monitoring, administering medication and equipment for ventilation
• Transfer specific items and incident management and – chest tubes, defibrillator, batteries, etc.
• ICU ventilator
• Capnography, monitors to display ECG, oxygen saturation, etc.
• Suction device, syringe pumps, pumps, etc.
• Vasopressors, sedatives, drugs for RSI
• GPS enabled van.

Training of personnel
The ICU or MICU ambulance is staffed by highly trained paramedics, physicians, and nurses who have been particularly trained to deal with cases of emergency and life-threats. Every person the MICU is qualified enough to care of needle compression, cricothyrotomy, endotracheal intubation, cardioversion, etc. in addition to administering critical drugs. They are also qualified in some countries to do the insertion of UACs, UVCs, surgical airways, chest tubes, etc. In simple terms, their preparation level is no less than that of other specialists.

When time is of essence
ICU ambulances are needed for emergencies like accidents and failure of some body organs. Booking an ICU emergency is no less than a nightmare. Since they are dispersed and unavailable, it takes precious time to cut them out. Fortunately, there are many portals that will prove to be of great help. Then, customers can book these services based on choosing their nation, state, and even cities. Visit us to learn more about our programs. Any little support is indispensable in times of medical emergency.

Ambulance Dhaka are well equipped and empowered to provide advance emergency medical care, IV administration, etc. A specialist doctor is often appointed to track or operate on the patient. Such ambulances operate as mini emergency center extensions. Neonatal intensive care units / s: Many postpartum babies need intensive medical care. It is important that it is received at the earliest opportunity. life is an online platform that offers ambulance service carriers in Bangladesh. People can choose a state, city, or even their own location-based services. You can book ambulances when you are in any type of emergency. We will ensure that your loved onces make it to hospital in time. Ambulance Ac delivers 24-hour standby activities and medical care to Bangladesh and surrounding areas. We offer contracted rides and rides for nonmedical or medical emergencies. Read more here today about our private ambulance Services.

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