Best Ambulance Services Type in Bangladesh and their Benefits

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The specially designed vehicle ambulance has the main purpose of reaching casualty destination and to transport the sick or injured to hospital to provide immediate care and treatment. The ambulance is comparable to emergency medical rooms but on wheels.

Ambulance has been designed to contain Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics who utilize essential medical equipment in het ambulance like oxygen supply, stretcher, heart monitors, IV equipment, etc. for stabilizing patient condition till he/she reaches hospital.

Bangladesh has ambulance services running 24×7 in 64 districts within the country since the year 1988 to provide comfort and care. Comfortable and Fast ambulance services are for patients who live in and out of the Capital city of Dhaka.

Booking Ambulance Service

Nowadays, it’s quite simple to book an ambulance as you get the best options required for proper care of the patient, you can have some passengers with the mentioned time and date.

Mainly you get four essential types of ambulance services in Bangladesh:

AC Ambulance
This is similar to standard ambulance and has great features like air conditioning. The vehicle is equipped with adequate oxygen cylinders for life support. Typically, when it comes to AC vs Non Ac ambulance types there isn’t much difference between both as the AC attached ambulance delivers more comfort compared to the non-AC one. The AC ambulance ensures the right temperature for patients living in hot and humid climate and maintain proper temperature for the convenience of the patient.

Non-AC Ambulance
Non-AC is the most basic ambulance type you can get. This is available with sufficient amount of oxygen cylinders. Critical patients mostly require urgent transfer between hospitals to get specialized and lifesaving care in the most appropriate facility. These patients require intensive care environment while en route for ensuring their safety and stability throughout the transfer thus the ambulance ensures that everything is in order.

Basic Life Support Ambulance
By basic life support (BLS) we mean administering to victims of non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses until these are provided with essential medical care inside the hospital. The ambulance is equipped with trained medical personals such as paramedics, emergency medical technicians and through qualified bystanders.

BLS ambulances are primarily meant for patients that need medical transportation with essentials such as pulse oximeter, patient bed and devices of oxygen delivery. AC, wheel chairs and auto loading stretchers are also available for efficient management of patient.

The emergency services are good for patients who undergone different surgeries and are weak and ailing, but they don’t require cardiac monitoring or advanced life support.

Advanced Life Support Ambulance<
By Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance we mean the Cardiac Care Ambulance which has been equipped with defibrillator, ventilator, electrocardiography (ECG) machine with devices for monitoring the patient.

All these ambulances are available in AC and non-AC type and are used mainly for addressing life-threatening emergencies such as cardiac arrests with emergencies that would require providing respiratory support and oxygen support for patients that are critically ill.

Equipping these with advanced features, ALS ambulance services are equipped better for handling life threatening situations involving cardiac arrests, lung issues along with rescue operations.

Four ambulance type< currently operate throughout the country: the standard (non-ac), air-conditioned, cardiac ambulance or intensive care unit (ICU), and freezer (to transport the deceased).

Costliest option is the ICU or the life support ambulance and is available with team that consists of nurses and doctors with whole ICU setup within the vehicle. With a lot of private companies, about 10,000 – 12,000 ambulance remain in capital service along with the country.

Patient Transport Vehicles
In Bangladesh medical professionals use Patient Transport Vehicle (PTV) for transporting patients to and fro from medical centers and for catering to care that isn’t urgent, for example a hospital visit or dialysis center. For instances of non-emergency treatment, buses, vans and other vehicles would be converted to ambulances. These are equipped with patient bed along with other basic devices for life support, with PTV patients make journey in hygienic environment.

Besides such categories, there is also availability of high-end air ambulance service. In high traffic cities such as Dhaka, the medical service is available within 30 minutes. This becomes faster during night. This becomes useful especially for people living in remote areas and these are usable mostly for medical tourism when a patient has to move to another country to provide medical aid. Bangladesh has recognized requirement for air ambulances as essential services and it works on improvement of system of Medical Air Ambulance Transport.

These life support ambulances ensure that urgent medical care is available at the earliest to all the areas with all medical facilities to ensure critical patient care, till their transfer to the hospital.

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