Freezing Ambulance

A freezer ambulance resembles a mortuary ambulance, but it’s more advanced. There are instances when a dead body will need to be transported for a long distance for burial. Also, if the loved ones are not close enough to pay their last respects to the dead or say their goodbyes, the body will need to be kept in an optimal condition until they arrive. In such instances, the mobile mortuary ambulance will not be suitable for the job.

Mobile mortuaries are designed for keeping the body fresh for a very short time. The most a mortuary ambulance can hold the body in optimal condition is 6 hours. A freezer ambulance is specially designed to go longer hours. The ambulance is designed with an inbuilt freezer, which keeps the body utterly cooled and free of germs and contaminants. The Ambulance ac freezer ambulance can hold a body for up to 12 hours before burial.

Our freezer ambulances are equipped with a freezer that can fit a casket and ventilation to always ensure the air in the ambulance is fresh. We also have room for family members to accompany their loved one in the ambulance to the burial grounds. Our prices are generally between 8000-10000 takas for a 100 km distance. Longer distances will cost more. For instance, we charge 20,000 takas from Dhaka airport to Chittagong.