Our ICU ambulance is designed to cater to the patients who are critically ill. Ambulance AC moving ICU comes with the best trained medical doctors who will attend to the patient before getting to the medical Centre. There are also at least two assisting nurses or brothers to help the doctor with the patient.

Since the ICU ambulance is the most delicate, we do not allow crowding. We allow only one family member to accompany the patient. The ambulance also comes with a free oxygen cylinder for use by the ICU patents and all the necessary machines at no extra costs. A stretcher and wheelchair are kept ready for use upon reaching the hospital. The bed and pillows are of the highest quality to ensure the utmost comfort of the patient. Our ambulance service for ICU patients is the best since the chance of survival is thin.

Our ICU ambulance service can also be hired to move a critically patient from one health Centre to another for reasons such as better medical attention. We have ensured that the services in Ambulance AC resemble those in a hospital ICU. We have machines such as the suction machine, Cardio monitor, infusion pumps, emergency life-saving mediators, blood dram tools, and ventilators.