A mortuary ambulance is the cheapest means of transporting a dead body from one place to another in Dhaka. Ambulance AC offers mortuary service for all clients seeking the service. Our mobile mortuary service runs at full current. Our mobile mortuary can be used to transport the body from the hospital to the burial area or from your home to the hospital for further storage if unable to burry immediately.

Our mobile mortuary is like a fridge. It is enabled with an AC to keep the body in optimal condition even in death. The ambulances also have a freezing system to keep the body in good condition prior to burying. Al you need to do is put the body in a cusk, and we deliver all the other after-dead services. We have brothers trained specially to attend to mortuary ambulance patients and their families.

We deliver mobile mortuary services to all areas in Dhaka and the outskirts of Dhaka. Our price to rent the ambulance is given upon request. We are ready to accommodate the budget you are working with to deliver your body. We are, however, available at any time to attend to your needs.