Non-AC Ambulance

A non-AC ambulance is the cheapest ambulance service in our array of services. A non-AC ambulance is our service ambulance for the less privileged who just need a quick means to get their patient to the hospital. The ambulance also comes with a comfy bed and two pillows. We do not discriminate when it comes to offering quality service. There is also space for two family members to accompany the patient to the medical center. Incase no bed is needed in the ambulance, the Ambulance AC can carry 6-8 extra family and friends. We offer free oxygen in all non-AC ambulances.

We have nurses and brother on stand by in all our non-AC ambulances. The only difference between the two ambulances is the presence of air conditioning and the price, of course. The non-AC ambulances are cheaper to use. Otherwise, all patients get equally exceptional service.