Our Ambulance Services Helping in Fighting the Corona Virus

by | 2020-07-01 4:15:35

The corona virus is now ravaging the world. It is spreading like bushfire and everyone is scampering for safety in their homes through quarantine. The virus was first reported in Wuhan city in China before spreading to other parts of the world. Europe, Asia, and America are currently the worst hit with countries such as Italy recording up to 900 deaths in a day with the count going up. While China has been able to contain the spread of the virus, no cure has yet to be established.

The vaccine for the corona virus is still in the development stage and countries are now reverting to self-quarantine and total lockdowns in most countries. The measures seem to be working because they are limiting the spread of the corona. All air spaces have been halted and most airlines have grounded their passenger planes. Some cargo planes are still flying to keep medical supplies constant as well as other essential goods that are required in reducing the corona spread. Curtailing the movement of people from country to country is expected to end the disease.

The world health organization has already declared the corona virus a disaster and has put in place measures to contain it. Everyone is working around the clock and stopped all other activities in a bid to stop it. The economic conditions in most countries are already affected. Social systems such as hospitals are already being stretched especially in countries where there are many reported cases. In some countries, hospitals are full to capacity and patients are being treated along the corridors.

Corona Virus Attack
The virus is affecting the human’s respiratory system and making it difficult to breathe and eventually developing into acute pneumonia with the lungs feeling up with water. This is the last stage which is proving difficult to recover from especially for people who have preexisting chronic conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, etc. However, there is a myth going round that it is not affecting younger people. While most of those who have succumbed to the corona virus are majorly the elderly, the attack does not know of age, race or sex. It is affecting all and sundry who come in contact with it.

Viral infections including the corona are hard to cure and can only be prevented and when one is attacked, the remedy is to manage the condition to try and reduce its effects. Viruses attack the bodies’ immune system and give a chance to other opportunistic attacks. This is the reason why people with other existing conditions are at greater risk.

To reduce the spread, people are being encouraged to stay clean by washing their hands and clothes often, to reduce contact with other people and to test randomly. They have been educated on how to make tests at home each morning to avoid the spread of the virus to their families.

Corona Virus Management
When one suspects they have been infected by the Corona virus, they should immediately call for an ambulance which has the right masks and life support machines to support the ailing person on their way to a hospital which should be isolated from other patients in the hospital.

Ambulance services are the only remedy to ferry sick people to hospitals because in the ambulance the virus cannot spread further. Going to a hospital using any other way means that the virus is exposed to other people who will meet the patient on the way thus increasing the risk of spreading it even further.

Our Part of the Solution
At www.ambulanceac.com we have 3 types of ambulances. AC, Non AC, and ICU ambulances. Depending on the state of your patient we have the capacity to dispatch the ICU ambulance if your loved one is already at an advanced stage of the corona virus. Our staff works around the clock to save lives and we are on hand to offer you the service that you need at this time of the year.

You can reach us on our phone number 0171775570 or 0191158782 for the best ambulance service. We have staff dedicated to supporting you at any hour or day or night. We have increased our vigil because we have a part to play in the current Corona virus era by saving as many lives as we can through our ambulance services.

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