Ambulance AC is the most reliable and quality ambulance services in the whole of Dhaka. We offer exceptional ambulance services to your patient and even your dead upon request. We have a wide selection of ambulances with all the right equipment, such as stretchers, oxygen cylinders, and wheelchairs, to save your loved ones. We deliver ambulance services all through Dhaka. We are not limited to Dhaka as we serve beyond the borders of Dhaka. We also have services such as mortuary and freezer ambulances to transport your dead loved ones for burial.

Every one of our ambulances has medics, doctors, nurses, or brothers to attend to your loved ones before they get to the hospital. We have world-class facilities and ambulance conditions that guarantee the survival of your loved ones. Our goal is to ensure the patients get to the nearest and most-reliable health facilities to get attended to. We take pride in quick, quality, and reliable services. Our only desire is to save each life we can. A stitch in time we are, saving every soul in need. We have exceptionally quality services at an affordable rental price. We consider all classes. You tell us your budget, and we will work with it.