Terms and Conditions

We advise our users to carefully read our terms and conditions for use before renting our services for the smooth running of the ambulance service. Our terms and conditions at Ambulance AC include:

1) Use the ambulance yourself and help other patients to use the ambulance service. We mean that the ambulance service shall be used in the care and good conditions, bearing other patients in mind. The ambulance shall be left in good condition after use.

2) An AC ambulance and the oxygen must be pre ordered in advance while calling for the ambulance. This enables us to cater to your needs effectively.

3) The AC in our ambulances is only left to run when there is a patient in the ambulance. The AC shall only be used when ferrying patients and not their family members.

4) The death certificate shall be presented to the Ambulance AC staff when requesting for the freezer or mobile mortuary ambulance service.

5) Only patients renting ambulance service within Dhaka shall be allowed to be accompanied by family or loved ones. Another shall not accompany any patient being ferried by Ambulance AC outside Dhaka.

6) No patient or family member accompanying the patient shall be allowed to board the ambulance with illegal goods such as drugs or weapons. The patient shall be reported to local authorities if discovered to be using the ambulance service with an ulterior motive.

7) The patient shall be released from the ambulance upon arrival in the medical center. The ambulance accessories such as wheelchairs or stretchers used shall not be left at the hospital.

8) Any user who wishes to keep the ambulance longer than agreed for any reason shall bear additional charges. The general charges are 500 takas per hour, but the prices may vary depending on prevailing circumstances.